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About Me


I am here because I love stories. Travel captured my attention because I would become so wrapped up in the tales of good storytellers, that I had to go for myself. 


I left home and went as far as I possibly could. For years my sole obsession was finding places most foreign compared to what I knew, and learning the who/what/when/where/why of their background.


Along the way I learned the importance narrative holds in connecting with people. Be it photography, videography or writing, the end goal is to leave a person with a feeling that endures.


I now work with businesses, brands, and tourism offices to find a narrative and build around it to tell a story they need told. In an age of media abundance, a story can cut through the mass of visual noise when it is told correctly.

Leaving a lasting impact is always the goal.

For an interview about how my storytelling career began you can read a recent article: 

Horseback riding, Kyrgyzstan
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